Get ready your tastebuds for and adventure of a lifetime.


The story begins way back in 2017, when our Home Noodle brand and the first outlet founded in Paradigm Mall. Serving Rice Noodle (çąłçşż) made from 100% rice-based natural ingredients.

The original concept of Home Noodle comes with an coincidence of a cross-cultural marriage of a Malaysia and China couple. The similarity of eating soup noodles and difference of soup taste from the 2 countries boosts their idea of bringing up the culture of Mixian (rice noodle) with authentic soup taste from the 2 countries together, just like their marriage life. 

There are 8 types of soup base: Tomato (the most popular soup base -sold 100 thousand bowls per year), Tomyam, Curry, Superior Soup, Double picked, Pickled veggie, Chilli pepper, and hotpot, each represents an unique authenticity of its taste. 

While letting customers to choose their own toppings, we always provide the best quality choices of meat, vegetable and seafood with honest eating home feel.

Recognized by the market and customers, here comes our 2nd outlet as Home Noodle Sri Petaling(2017),  3rd outlet KLIA2 as Home & Me(2018), and 4th in Starling Mall as Home Noodle Express(2019).

In 2020, we are thrilled as we are able to let our customers bring us home with our Home merchandise products which includes all our hot selling product.

We sincerely invite you to join us for more exciting journey together.